supervised by Dr. Witold Kwapinski



Carbon nanoforms from methane pyrolysed generated soot - characterization and thermal processing for energy applications (Co-supervisor Prof. Bartek A. Glowacki)

Mr. James McQuade



Butyl butyrate production via catalytic conversion

Mr. Daniel O’Nolan – accomplished

Preparation and characterization of the carbon nanoform inks for inkjet printing (Co-supervisor Prof. Bartek A. Glowacki)

Mr. Sean Cremin – accomplished

Formation of hazardous and persistent compounds in biochar

Mr. Darragh Tangney – accomplished

Sorption and desorption of phosphate on biochar

Mr. Stephen Kinsella – accomplished



Develoment of a heterogeneous carbon acid catalyst from biomass anaerobic digestion residues for butyl butyrate production

Mr. David Kearney – accomplished

Development of a heterogeneous carbon acid catalyst based on various types of carbonised starch for butyl butyrate production

Mr. Tadhg O’Meara – accomplished

The use of mesoporous catalysts for upgrading bio-oil

Mr. Paul Teahan – accomplished

Torrefaction of Miscanthus

Mr. Eoin Flanagan – accomplished

Torrefaction of Willow

Mr. Daniel Flanagan – accomplished



Biochar classification system proposal

Mr. David Murphy – accomplished

Biochar compositions, properties, and influences on plant growth and nutrient leaching

Mr. Paul Grogan – accomplished

Potential utilisations and applications of bio-oils

Mr. Denis Lawton – accomplished