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A web site that provides supplementary material for the book:

"Heterogeneous Catalysis – Fundamentals and Applications" by Julian R.H. Ross (Elsevier, 2011)

Is now available on the Elsevier Store and on the corresponding TEC product pages:
Elsevier Store: By selecting the resources tab, you will see the link to the online companion materials. 

TEC Site: By clicking on the companion material button, you go to the website.

One of the features of this supplementary material, which includes web links given in the text of the book and PowerPoint slides corresponding to the contents of each chapter, is a set of crossword puzzles based on the material included in Chapters 2-8.  On the Elsevier web pages, these puzzles are included as Word documents and the solutions are given in separate Word documents. The puzzles are also available as interactive web pages from the links given below, the advantage of these being that they can be handled on the computer screen without the necessity to print them out.  The web version also has a “hint” function that allows a letter in the puzzle lattice to be displayed as an aid to making progress if needed.

Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8

NOTE: For technical reasons, not all the puzzles have exactly the same format as on the Elsevier web pages.  However, the words in each puzzle (and the corresponding clues) are unchanged.




An Electronic Version of the Book is Now Available

The original idea of the book was that it would be available for student use in electronic format in such a way that students could use it on laptops or tablets.  However, at the time of publication, the cost of this option was the same as that of the printed text. Elsevier is now offering an option to purchase the book in electronic form from Science Direct at a cost of €70.58 per copy for one year’s use for up to five users. It is to be hoped that this option will make it more suitable for student use than the option of purchasing print copies.







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